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Fabric Colors

Choose a link below to start browsing for your fabric color now and feel free to request a free sample card or swatch from us! Specifications on the Duramax line can also be located below.

Duramax Fabrics by R&D Weaving

Duramax Sample Card

Large Duramax Swatches


Content: 100% Polyolefin

Backing: Acryllic

Abrasion: 250,000 Double Rubs

Lightfastness: Class 5

  • 700 hours of UV Stability
  • Chemically inert and hydrophobic
  • Will not absorb spills or stains
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Not affected by chemicals
  • Static resistant (less than 2.0 kv at 20% RH)

All Duramax raw materials and manufacturing processes are environmentally clean.

Vinyl Fabric by Naugahyde!

In our quest to keep our products 100% American Made, we now provide Naugahyde fabrics for anyone seeking vinyl fabrics! Due to the strength of Naugahyde fabrics however, we only provide their Burkshire, Nauga Soft and Duran Black fabrics.

Burkshire by Naugahyde

Nauga Soft by Naugahyde