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CCoA Is Green

CCoA Is Green

Church Chairs of America's Green Foam provides the seating industry with a superior alternative to traditional polyurethane, fibers and synthetic fiber-fills.

1. What is CCoA's new Green Foam?

  • It is manufactured with renewable resources, contains organic, halogen-free fire retardants and is produced using a unique virtually emission-free manufacturing process.
  • CCoA’s Green Foam provides the durability, comfort and feel customers are accustomed to and is a tangible example of our commitment to become the leading environmentally responsible chair supplier partner.

2. Why is it such a unique and innovative product?

  • One of its key ingredients is derived from a plant-based renewable resource, replacing significant amounts of the petroleum-based polyols traditionally used in foam making. It also contains organic, halogen-free fire retardants.
  • This is a unique combination of “green” attributes, which differentiate this cushioning material from everything else in our marketplace.

3. How does Green Foam differ from our other foam products?

  • CCoA’s Green Foam performance is virtually indistinguishable from our other foam products, which is a surprise to us that all chair manufacturers do not consider a similar product. 
  • The differences lie in its “green” attributes, which provide our customers with an additional, valuable feature when considering their chair supplier.

4. How is this any different than what other foam manufacturers are doing?

  • This is a very different product and process of using bio-based materials.
  • CCoA’s Green Foam is a unique product in that it combines the use of renewable raw material with a new technology that creates significantly higher quality cushioning material in a wide variety of density and firmness -- and organic, halogen-free fire retardants.
  • This environmentally friendly combination has never before been available on the market before.
  • In addition, CCoA’s Green Foam has the superior performance characteristics of all products in our traditional foam line.

5. What prompted you to introduce this product?

  • CCoA is constantly examining ways to more effectively meet the needs of our customers. As such, our new Green Foam is a natural addition to our product line.
  • This product development supports our internal efforts to become a more environmentally friendly company while providing a growing segment of our customers with a product that addresses environmental concerns.
  • This is another tangible example of CCoA's commitment to become the furniture industry’s leading innovative and environmentally responsible company and supplier partner.
  • For more on Church Chairs of America's environmental policy, please click here.